Saturday, 14 August 2010

Things to do this Summer…

[apart from entertaining George and thoroughly enjoying his company]

* Sort the filing drawer (shred or file – those are the ONLY options – no ‘undecideds’ allowed)

* Delete the hard drive of the old pc and take it to the tip

* Tidy and clean studio

* Sort the shoe/coat situation in the study – it is beyond irritating now…can shoes breed????

* Scan old photos to send to be printed for my brother’s bday pressie (Sep 2 – which seems aways away but it’s a big ole box of photographs!)

* EXERCISE – specifically, Mission Bingo Wing Destruction!!!

...and that doesn't include my DBD to do's!

What are you up to - other than finding ways to keep children entertained whilst the British Summer behaves badly?


  1. My list has been HUGE this summer. Having spent a year teacher training, getting anything done was impossible. I'm quite enjoying working through my to-do list this summer!

  2. just rereading this now and it's a resounding FAIL on all counts (tho maybe all the walking goes some way towards the exercise). Oh the shame!