Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Imagine my delight the other day when Lisa of the fabulous Mathilde ♥ Manech blog, tweeted me to let me know she'd given me a Kreativ Blogger award....chuffed to bits I was!

In Lisa's own words, "The Kreativ Blogger award simply encourages bloggers and showcases others".
Oh, I'm encouraged all right!

In fact, at a point where I was at the carry on/stop blogging stage, this couldn't have been more welcome. Especially as I LOVE Lisa's blog! It's just so cheery - it's like sitting down for a chat with a friend over a brew. Just as a blog should be. Easy, fun, entertaining and inspiring. *happy sigh*

Now the idea is, I tell you 10 facts that you probably don't know about me and then pay it forward to ten other bloggers. fab!

I give you, my chosen ten:

Members of the ten ['ahem' eleven (see fact 3 erm)...apparently I can't count and had 11 names on my list. But when copy pasting web addresses, once I'd got ten, I stopped. Missing off the lovely Manda from Tree Fall Design yet still tweeted Manda to tell her I'd included her...oh the shame of my tremendous cock up.] - if you're happy to receive the award & join in, then select ten blogs you love to read and then share ten facts about yourself.

and now, the ten facts:
1) I used to have a pet cockerel as a child (on a very suburban cul-de-sac) called Lucky. As in "he was found in a duck's nest so it's lucky he's not a duck or you wouldn't have him". Mmm. Even at that age the whole duck/chuck thing didn't quite add up.
When Rock Villa, the icecream-van-man used to visit our street, I'd buy a 99 and he'd give me a wafer for Lucky.
As Lucky liked to travel around on my shoulder or head, this invariably ended up with me being pooped on. Ah the perils of cockerel owning. 
Once Lucky was nearing cock-a-doodle-do-peeing-off-the-neighbours age, he went back to the farm and ruled the roost happily for years.
2) I have a deep seated love of Fleetwood Mac & Gerry Rafferty - the soundtrack of my childhood home.
3) My office job is as a Management Accountant
4) My son George is the single best thing I have EVER done (not exactly startling news but it needed saying)
5) I need to be needed
6) I don't really 'do' Summer. Irish genes do not make for a good Summer healthy tan - nope. I'm more about the freckly, burned, pink skinned, 'I want to cover up' discomfort.
7) Autumn is my best friend - I was born to wear scarves & boots and let my hair be whipped about by the wind
8) Actually, my mum is my best friend & inspiration
9) I say "sorry!" FAR too often. I blame Mum's Catholic guilt
10) I can fold my tongue back on itself and make it stick (for a bit)

There you have it


  1. How kind of you to include me; thank you! And your blog is a fine counterpoint to management accountancy.

  2. Thanks for including me! Nice to find out a bit more about you - I don't do summer either!